High-Quality Wheel Alignment in Tullamarine, Melbourne

Car wheels should always be in good condition and perfectly aligned. The slightest of issues with the wheels can have a significant impact on your vehicle’s performance. Checking the alignment and balance of the wheel is crucial.

Moving Motors provides professional wheel alignment services in Tullamarine, Melbourne at affordable rates. We have the right equipment and team of skilled mechanics to fix all your automobile issues. With us, you’ll have your wheels aligned and ready for any kind of trip.

Signs That Your Car Needs Wheel Alignment

Generally, the wheel alignment gets disturbed as a car travels over all kinds of surfaces. Uneven terrain, bumps, gravel or pebbles can affect their alignment as they move over them. If not corrected, it can affect handling of the vehicle and ride quality. It may also adversely affect fuel consumption.

Some common signs of unaligned wheels that need immediate attention are:

  • Off-Centred Steering Wheel – The car steering should always be centred but in case of misaligned wheels, it will not return to the centre. It will also feel off-balanced when the vehicle is driven on a straight road.
Wheel Alignment
  • Sidewards Pull – If it feels like the entire weight of the car is being pulled to one side when driving, it is a clear sign of misaligned wheels.
  • Uneven Wearing of the Tyre – As the alignment of the car is disturbed, it puts uneven pressure on the wheels. This causes the tyres to wear unevenly or faster on a particular side.
  • Difficult Handling the Car – Misaligned wheels will make handling the vehicle difficult because the movement of the car fluctuates frequently. An off-centred steering wheel further complicates the issue as you have no idea if they are straight. This is a serious issue that should be taken care of immediately as it impacts the safety of the car and its occupants.

What are the Benefits of Wheel Alignment?

Correcting the alignment of your wheels will have many visible advantages such as:

  • Better Handling of the Vehicle- Correcting the wheel alignment makes the handling of the vehicle much smoother and easier.
  • Reduces Tyre Wear – As the wheel alignment is corrected, it exerts uniform pressure on the tyres. In general, the tyres are made to sustain even pressure which makes them last longer.
  • Centred Steering Wheel – You can notice that the steering wheel is more stable and centred with an even wheel alignment.
  • Reduced Damage to the Chassis – The misaligned wheel can exert irregular pressure on the chassis and if it is not corrected, can lead to physical damage.

Types of Wheel Alignment Adjustments and Angles

A wheel alignment issue can be corrected by adjusting three different factors. These directly affect the position of the wheels in relation to the car and directly impact its alignment. They are:

  • Toe – The toe angle refers to the alignment of the wheel, inwards or outwards, when viewed from the top. If misaligned, it creates handling issues while the vehicle is on the move.
  • Camber – Camber is the left or right tilt of the wheels, seen from the front or back. The wrong camber can negatively impact handling and braking in a straight line.
  • Caster – The forward or rearward tilt of the wheels is called caster. It can be disturbed due to a mechanical defect or deteriorate over time which can affect the suspension of the vehicle.
Advanced Wheel Alignment Services in Tullamarine, Melbourne

Wheel alignment is an advanced auto repair service that requires a well-equipped facility and skilled hands. If you wish to get a proper wheel alignment service in Tullamarine, Melbourne, Moving Motors is here for you. Call us on 03 9335 3607 or write to us at service@movingmotors.com.au for more details.


It is a good idea to get a wheel alignment check if there is:

    • difficulty steering your vehicle
    • problems with handling and balance
    • uneven wear on the tyres
    • the weight of the vehicle pulls to one side
    • problems with the brakes or suspension

The wheel alignment cost depends on several factors. For an approximate figure, get in touch with our support team.

A proper wheel alignment should last for at least two years. However, this is dependent on the type of surface you drive on or your driving style.

If you drive on uneven roads frequently, you should check the alignment once every year. However, if you notice any signs like uneven wear down of tyres, difficulty in steering or your vehicle getting pulled to one side, immediately reach out to our mechanic for a check.

If wheel alignment is not corrected, it impact your car in the following ways:

    • Uneven wear on the tyres
    • Car pulling to one side
    • Difficulty in steering and handling the vehicle
    • Issues with the braking and suspension

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