Reliable Tyre Repairs and Servicing in Tullamarine, Melbourne

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Since they are in contact with the road and facilitate travel, you want them to be in the best possible condition. A worn-out tyre not only affects the driving experience but can cause physical damage to the wheel. That is why it is important to have a trustworthy car tyre repair shop where you can fix any tyre issue at the earliest. Moving Motors offers all types of tyre repairs and basic maintenance services in Tullamarine, Melbourne. Whether it is a puncture or a worn-out tyre you need help with, our experienced mechanics will take care of all tyre issues.

Our Tyre Repairs and Replacement Services

You can get all kinds of car tyre repair services at our automotive centre. We have a well-equipped facility and experienced technicians. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Tyre Puncture and Repairs – A puncture or leak happens when the tyre gets penetrated by sharp rocks or a metal object. We provide:
    • Puncture Check – Our technicians will check your tyres and find out the exact spot of the puncture.
    • Tyre Puncture Repair Work – If the puncture is minimal and not larger than 6mm, our technicians will repair it using quality materials. However, we will always recommend getting a new tyre to avoid any possible issues down the road.
Tyre Service & Repairs Center
  • Tyre Replacement – Tyres are usually replaced when they are worn out completely or have significant damage after a puncture. Our mechanics have a systematic approach to tyre replacements:
    • Internal Check – The first step is to check the internal condition of the tyres. If it is found unsatisfactory, they are replaced.
    • Removing Old Tyre – Our mechanics remove the damaged or old tyre.
    • Tyre Mounting – We help you to choose the best tyres according to the build and brand of your vehicle. Then, we install the new tyres and have your car ready to get back on the road.
  • Tyre Rotating and Balancing – Our tyre repair shop also provides tyre rotating and balancing which requires skilled mechanics:
    • Tyre Rotation – It consists of shifting the front tyres to the rear and vice-versa. However, not every tyre is suitable for every position which is where the experience of professional mechanics comes in help. They decide on the shifting pattern and make the changes accordingly.
    • Balancing – Tyre balancing is another advanced service that ensures an even distribution of the car weight on the four tyres. This prevents uneven tyre wear and provides a comfortable ride in the long run.

When do You Need Tyre Repair Service?

Tyre repairs are not meant to be performed only when something has gone wrong or during a routine maintenance check. A breakdown when on the road due to a flat tyre requires emergency puncture repairs. Similarly, any other tyre issue needs to be dealt with by the experts. So, if you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to replace your tyres:

  • Tyre Lights On – If a U sign with an exclamation mark in the middle illuminates your dashboard, it implies that your tyre pressure is low and it may not be safe to continue driving. You should visit an authorised tyre repair shop and get it checked by a professional mechanic.
  • Frequent Air Pressure Issue – Frequent leaks are a sign of a worn-out tyre tube or internal damage. In either case, it is best to go for professional tyre repair services.
  • Shallow Tyre Tread – When the tyre treads have been worn out and become extremely shallow, it affects the grip of the tyre and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Damaged Tyre Surface – If the tyre surface is extremely smooth or has cracks and bulges on them, it needs immediate professional attention.
  • Unusual Noises or Vibrations – Unusual noises or vibrations when driving point to an inherent tyre issue that may require an immediate replacement.

Why Choose Moving Motors for Tyre Repairs?

Moving Motors is a professional auto workshop in Tullamarine, Melbourne. We provide all kinds of car tyre repair and maintenance services for all makes and models of vehicles. Here are some reasons to choose Moving Motors:

  • 30+ Years of Experience – Our team has a combined experience of over 30 years in auto repairs and tyre maintenance services. This allows us to provide cost-efficient solutions for all your car troubles.
  • Authorised Service Centre – As an authorised automotive centre, Moving Motors we provide roadworthy certificates, logbook services along with tyre repairs as part of our logbook servicing or roadworthy inspections.
  • Skilled Mechanics – Our garage is handled by experienced mechanics who are passionate about their jobs. We believe in teamwork and can handle every vehicle with ease.
  • Well-equipped Facility – To offer advanced emergency tyre repairs or maintenance work, our facility is equipped with all the necessary equipment.
  • Comprehensive Services – We repair and maintenance services in addition to car puncture repairs for all the car models and brands available in Australia.
Reliable Tyre Repairs and Servicing in Tullamarine, Melbourne

If you require emergency tyre repairs or servicing in Tullamarine, Melbourne, Moving Motors has you covered. Feel free to reach out to our team for basic and advanced tyre repairs. Call us on 03 9335 3607 or send us an email at for more information.


This depends on the condition of the tyre. If the tyre is very old, any kind of repair work will not make much difference. However, repair work on a new tyre can last longer if the work is done by a professional and the damage was minimal.

Yes, you can repair the tyre if it is relatively new and does not have much physical damage. However, a tyre replacement is absolutely necessary for the following conditions:

  • Shallow thread depths, bulges or cracks on the tyre surface
  • Frequent air leaks
  • Unusual noises and vibrations coming from the tyres

Most types of tyre damage cannot be repaired and require a replacement. However, a small puncture and uneven wearing out can be treated and repaired by an expert mechanic.

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