Log Book Service Tullamarine


All vehicles require routine servicing to ensure they run safely and reliably. Our workshop is equipped to perform your routine manufacturer’s logbook servicing. Our logbook servicing covers all maintenance tasks specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer, and it won’t void your factory warranty.

For older vehicles, we also offer minor and major servicing to keep your car running its best. To find out more about our vehicle servicing, or to book in for a service, contact us today.

Roadworthy Certificate


Moving Motors are VicRoads licensed vehicle testers/roadworthy inspectors for all passenger and light commercial vehicles (#Vic11428 LP/LV). Whether you’re selling, buying, transferring registration or simply wanting to check the safety status of your vehicle then a roadworthy inspection is the first step to take. During your roadworthy inspection, we will inspect the condition of your steering components, tyres, windscreen, panels, lights, seats and seat belts to determine your vehicle’s roadworthiness. Photographs and reports are obtained with each roadworthy inspection. If the vehicle successfully passes the roadworthy inspection then a Green Slip is given. In the circumstance where a vehicle has failed a roadworthy inspection the customer is given a Pink Slip with report of all the areas that need to be rectified in order to pass the roadworthy inspection. 

When a vehicle is deemed unroadworthy the customer is given 7 days to repair the faults, as per requirement set by VicRoads. The vehicle will undergo a second roadworthy inspection and to ensure all repairs are complete and meet state guidelines. 

Don’t compromise on the safety of your car on the road, trust our team with your vehicle’s roadworthy inspection. To book in, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Window Tinting Tullamarine


Driving a vehicle without a tint throughout the glass can be very fustrating and even dangerous especially when you have the sun glaring through the window, as it can impair your vision. Our technicians at Moving Motors can ensure that the highest quality tint can be applied to any glass surface, ensuring we keep you cool and safe through those sunny days! To find out more about our vehicle servicing, or to book in for a service, contact us today.

Steering Suspension


Your car’s steering and suspension components are directly related to how the car handles on the road. Over time these parts will wear and as a result your car will handle less precisely or predictably. Misaligned steering or damaged suspension components can result in increased fuel consumption and tyre wear.

We can repair or replace steering and suspension components on all makes and models, as well as balancing and aligning your wheels. To find out more about our steering and suspension repairs, contact us today.

Tyres Tullamarine


At Moving Motors we can supply and fit a huge range of tyres to suit all makes and models. We supply tyres from a variety of reputable manufacturers, this means there is something to suit all budgets and applications. Whether you’re after four-wheel drive tyres for maximum off-road performance, or cost-effective passenger vehicle tyres, we will spend the time to find the right tyres that best suit your needs.

When fitting your new tyres, we can also balance and align your wheels to maximise their lifespan and your car’s traction. To arrange a quote on new tyres, or for more information, contact us.

Exhaust Repairs Tullamarine


If your exhaust system is worn or damaged, it may make your car seem louder than usual, or it can cause rattling noises. A worn or damaged exhaust won’t dispel engine gases as efficiently, resulting in decreased power and fuel efficiency.

We can repair or replace exhaust systems on all makes and models of passenger and light commercial vehicle. To find out more, or to arrange a quote on a new exhaust, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Aircon regas


Has your air conditioner stopped blowing cold air? Considering the vast array of temperatures we experience in Australia, having a functioning air conditioner is vital to your comfort on the road. 

We can repair and re-gas air conditioners on all vehicles and are a licensed ARC (ARC Licence #AU33435) air conditioning service centre. To book in for a repair on your air conditioning system, contact us today.

Cooling System


At Moving Motors we are cooling system specialists. We can repair or replace any cooling system components to get your vehicle running at the correct temperature and prevent any overheating. If your car is overheating, it must be repaired promptly before any major damage occurs.

We can flush your cooling system to ensure coolant flows efficiently and cools your engine adequately. For more information, or to book a repair, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Brake Repairs


In our brake repairs at Moving Motors we utilise top quality components from Bendix and Brembo. These brands are renowned for producing first class products offering great value for money.

Malfunctioning brakes can often be diagnosed by squealing brakes, shuddering steering under heavy braking or reduced braking power. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, or would like an assessment of your vehicle’s brakes, contact us today.

Fuel Injection


Many modern vehicles rely on electronics to have their fuel delivered to the motor. If the systems are malfunctioning, the car may run poorly or potentially stop runnig all together.
At Moving Motors we offer fuel injection system servicing and repairs. Our trained technicians are experienced with maximising the potential of fuel injection systems on all makes and models.
If you would like to book your vehicle in for a Fuel injector service, contact us today.