Roadworthy Certificates – Essendon North

The roadworthy inspection is a comprehensive car inspection undertaken by Moving Motors across the Essendon North. It involves detailing of the current state of the vehicle followed by providing a roadworthy certificate (RWC) if the inspection results match the set safety standards.

A roadworthy inspection must be considered while you are planning to register a new vehicle or sell your present vehicle.

Things Inspected in Roadworthy Inspection by Moving Motors:

• Brakes, suspensions, steering
• Wheels and tires
• Seats, belts and security devices
• Headlights and taillights
• Structure of the vehicle
• Car body, engine, and other related parts

Moving Motors cover these services by offering better buyer protection to the customers. We also ensure that the vehicles that are offered post inspection are safe for operation.

The benefits of opting for RWC from Moving Motors are:

• We givethe buyer an assurance that the car is meeting its safety standards.
• Our teamoffers a peace of mind to your new car buyer while making a big purchase decision.
• We even assist the manufacturers in identifying the issues that needto be rectified when a new car warranty is about to expire.

Mark your vehicle safe as soon as you are planning to buy or sell your vehicle. For further information, call us directly at 03 9335 3607 and book an appointment.

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