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A roadworthy certificate is a clearance provided to second-hand or older cars. It is provided after a proper inspection and repair of all the crucial car parts according to the set roadworthiness standards. It is a mandatory road-safety regulation authorised by VicRoads which ensures that every car driven on public roads is in a safe driving condition.

If you wish to get a roadworthy check done in Tullamarine, Melbourne, we at Moving Motors have got your back. We are a certified service centre for roadworthy inspections. If your vehicle fails the inspection, our mechanics also fix the persisting issues and bring your car up to the required standards.

The Importance of Roadworthy Certificates: Why You Need One

The roadworthy certificate is more than just a government regulation. It has other functions such as:

  • Increases resale value – While buying a used car, most people ask for its roadworthy certificate. This ensures that the buyer gets the best value for their money and the vehicle is safe to be on the road. A vehicle with a roadworthy certificate will have better resale value and will be easily accepted by second-hand car traders or buyers.
Roadworthy Certificate Tullamarine
  • Hassle-free interstate journey – The roadworthy certificate is mandatory not only in the state of Victoria but also in other states. If you need to frequently travel to different states, it is advisable to carry a roadworthy certificate with you.
  • Avoids expensive fines- Driving a car without a roadworthy certificate can attract expensive fines. That is why it is always recommended to get a roadworthy certificate, especially if you are purchasing a used vehicle.
  • Ensures road safety – Roadworthy checks can be a great opportunity to fix up your vehicle and repair any faulty parts. This ensures that your car is in prime condition which is less likely to break down on roads.

How to Get a Roadworthy Certificate?

To get a roadworthy certificate, a detailed inspection of the vehicle is required to check if it meets the set standards. If not, your car will be flagged for failing the check and you will receive 7 days to get all the automotive issues resolved before undergoing a second inspection. Here are the steps to acquiring a roadworthy certificate:

  • Initial assessment – The very first process is to check the condition of the automotive parts such as the engine, tyres, steering, suspension, etc.
  • Condition of the vehicle – Based on the results of the initial check, your vehicle either passes the roadworthy standards or fails the assessment. In case your vehicle passes the check, you can skip the third step and get a roadworthy certificate.
  • Required repairs are made – In case your vehicle fails the inspection, you will be given seven days to get the necessary vehicular repair and maintenance done.
  • Roadworthy Certificate – After the necessary repair works, the vehicle undergoes a second check. If it has fixed all the highlighted issues, a roadworthy certificate is granted.

Roadworthy Certificate Inspection: Which Components are Checked?

There are quite a few vehicle components and parts that are checked during a roadworthiness inspection. These include:

  • Steering component – The working of the steering is checked to see if there are any major issues.
  • Suspensions – The suspension is responsible for providing a smooth driving experience and undergoes a thorough inspection to check its condition.
  • Brakes and clutch – The entire brake system is checked and the clutch is examined for signs of damage or mechanical issues.
  • Wheels and tyres – The overall condition of the tyres and wheels is assessed to ensure that they meet the required standards.
  • Windscreen and windows – The windscreen and windows are checked for cracks or chips along with the wipers.
  • Vehicle panels and structure – The car body is inspected for major or minor dents.
  • Lights and reflectors – The strength of the car lights and reflectors are assessed to determine their condition.
  • Seats and seat belts – Our mechanics also check whether the seatbelts and adjustments in the car driver’s seat are working properly.
  • Other safety-related vehicular aspects- All the other safety-related aspects like the working of indicators, dashboard lights, etc., undergo strict inspection too.

Mechanics at Moving Motors provide roadworthy checks and roadworthy certificates in Tullamarine, Melbourne. Call us on 03 9335 3607 or email us at to book a roadworthy check for your vehicle today or for any queries.


VicRoads does not mention any specific amount so it depends on the auto shop you visit. The roadworthy service is an extensive service that includes all kinds of checks and inspections. After the proper check of all these parts, we give you a certificate. For more information on the roadworthy certificate price, please get in touch with our team.

The roadworthy certificate lasts for 30 days. In this period you can:

  • Drive your second-hand or old cars on public roads
  • Register it on the open market for resale
  • Cross-state boundaries with your vehicle if necessary

These are the situations when you need a roadworthy certificate:

  • Fines – A car without a valid roadworthy certificate attracts fines. Get your vehicle’s roadworthiness checked to steer clear of any problems.
  • Increases resale value – It increases the value of your vehicle when you are about to sell it to another party. Having a roadworthy certificate suggests that your car is in perfect condition.
  • Registration – If you want to list your vehicle in the market for sale, you will have to do a prior roadworthy check to assure the buyers about its best condition.

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