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Logbook servicing is a set of maintenance checks and repair works recommended by the car manufacturers themselves. It is an exclusive service that is performed once every six months or a year or as approved by the manufacturer in an authorised auto shop. These checks should only be done at workshops with the right credentials and experience.

Moving Motors is a reputed service centre that can provide you with logbook service in Tullamarine, Melbourne. We are properly equipped to undertake logbook servicing for almost every major car brand in Australia. In addition to our professional services, we will also ensure that your car’s service logbook is updated. Our logbook service cost is also very affordable so that you get the best value for your money.

Importance and Benefits of Logbook Servicing

Servicing a car according to the provided logbook has a host of benefits for car owners. However, it is important to note that such benefits are available only if the car is serviced at an authorised service centre. Here are some of them:

Log Book Service Tullamarine
  • Protects the Manufacturer’s Warranty – Logbook servicing when done at regular intervals as per the manufacturer’s instructions protects the warranty of the vehicle.
  • Keeps the Vehicle in Prime Condition – Regular servicing according to the logbook ensures that all faulty parts of the vehicle are repaired or replaced.
  • Ensures Vehicle’s Longevity – Logbook servicing ensures only OEM parts are used when repairing or replacing parts. This ensures that the part is a good fit with the vehicle and contributes to its longevity.
  • Good Resale Value – If your vehicle’s logbook has been updated regularly, it will fetch a good resale value.

What is Assessed during a Logbook Service?

Under logbook servicing, our mechanics follow the instructions of the vehicle’s manufacturers. Depending on the brand, the process may differ. However, some common basic checks are recommended by almost every automobile manufacturer. These include:

  • Engine Oil and Filter – Engine oil and filter checks are the most basic inspections for every vehicle. Their condition is checked and replaced if the level has gone down or the condition has gone bad.
  • Under the Hood – All the components under the bonnet are some of the most critical parts of the vehicle. They are responsible for the majority of functions in a car which is why their conditions are properly checked during logbook service.
  • Fluid Levels – The level of various lubricants and coolants are checked. They are immediately changed if their condition is found unsatisfactory.
  • Fan Belt – The fan belt transfers power from the engine to its various parts for smooth operation. Its condition is checked as part of a logbook car servicing.
  • Lights – The power, intensity and wiring connection of the various lights on the car are checked.
  • Brake Inspection – The entire braking system starting from the brake paddles to the condition of the master cylinder is inspected and serviced.
  • Clutch Inspection – The condition of the clutch paddle is inspected and its working is properly checked.
  • Steering and Suspension – The steering and the suspension are crucial for the safe operation of the vehicle, which is why both aspects are checked simultaneously.
  • Transmission Fluid Inspection – Maintaining a certain level of transmission fluid is important for the proper functioning of the car. It is checked and topped up if necessary.
  • Battery Test – The condition of the battery along with its wiring and terminals is checked.
  • Tyre Pressure – The tyre pressure and condition are checked to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Wheel Alignment – A wheel alignment check is also performed during a logbook service as per the requirements.
  • Radiator Hoses – The radiator hose cools the various engine components which is why its condition is properly checked.
  • Visual inspection – At the end, a visual inspection of all other safety features and components is conducted to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s standards.

Authorised Logbook Service in Tullamarine, Melbourne

As a car owner, you want your machine to perform at its optimum level every time you get on the road. This is why it is so important to get an authorised logbook service done in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Moving Motors is a trusted service shop for all your logbook servicing needs in Tullamarine, Melbourne. Our logbook service prices are very reasonable and they are performed only by factory-trained car mechanics.

You can call us on 03 9335 3607 or send us an email at to book your services today.


The logbook service is a set of maintenance checks, repairs and replacement services recommended by the manufacturer which is done at regular intervals.

A logbook service includes the check and maintenance of all the basic parts of the vehicle such as the:

  • Engine Check
  • Battery Inspection
  • Transmission Fluid Level Check
  • Brakes and Clutches
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Wheel and Tyre Conditions

If you are getting a logbook service done by an authorised service centre, they will provide no labour charges. However, the cost of all the new replacement parts and fluids will be directly charged to you.

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