Comprehensive Car Repairs In Essendon North

A small investment in routine service and inspection can provide your car with a good performance on road.

Moving Motors is your ultimate destination for total car care services in Essendon North. Our team will always ensure that you receive superior services. The factors that will push you to opt for our unmatched carservices are:

• Automotive knowledge
• Quality work
• Personalized care and attention to car repair services
• Fair Pricing
• Exceptional customer service

Our expert mechanics are trained to perform every type of car repair services on all makes and models. We undertake every repair job, including brakes, exhaust, steering and suspension repairs, tyres and much more.

Did You Know?

Were you aware of the fact that you don’t have to go back to your vehicle manufacturer’s service centre for log book service? Your scheduled log book service will be completed withoutcancelling your manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty. The vehicle manufacturer’s specifications are taken care of including the time intervals at which the servicing needs to be performed.

Our qualified mechanics will validate your vehicle’s handbook as a record of service after your log book service is completed. This is important in maintaining every vehicle’s service and maintenance integrity.

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Resort to any of the car repair services by making an appointment with us. Contact us at 03 9335 3607 and let us know your requirements.

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