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As a premium auto repair facility, Moving Motors has been providing high-quality car service to the vehicle owners across Westmeadows and the surrounding suburbs at fair prices. No matter what sort of problem you are having with your vehicle, we perform necessary car repairs and get you back on the road in no time.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Logbook service Westmeadows:

To upkeep your new car manufacturer’s warranty, you may require logbook service performed by qualified staff. Our authorised mechanics complete logbook servicing in accordance with the factory specifications using OEM parts.

RWC Westmeadows:

According to VicRoads, every vehicle must meet certain safety standards and need roadworthy certificate to be driven on the road. As a licensed vehicle tester, we will inspect all the safety components such as brake system, clutch system, seats, seatbelts, lights, reflectors, windscreen, engine, steering & suspension of your vehicle and make necessary upgrades before issuing the certificate.

Brake Repairs Westmeadows:

If you have trouble stopping your vehicle, you can approach our car mechanic team for brake repairs and replacement. We will thoroughly inspect the brake system, diagnose the problem and fix it right away for you.

Air Conditioning Westmeadows:

Is it sweating too much in your vehicle? Perhaps, your vehicle’s air conditioning unit is not working properly. At Moving Motors, we have qualified service professionals who can perform car aircon regas, repair and replacement on all AC models.

Exhaust Repairs Westmeadows:

Your car’s exhaust system is responsible for reducing noise, diverting waste gases, improving performance and reducing fuel consumption. If you hear rattling noises or notice black smoke coming from exhaust system, bring in your vehicle to us for exhaust repairs.

Whether your car is due for logbook service or it is becoming hard to stop or start, give Moving Motors a call at 03 9335 3607. We will diagnose and fix the issue at a price you can afford.

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