Car Air Conditioning Service Tullamarine

Car Air Conditioning Service TullamarineHas your air conditioner stopped blowing cold air? Considering the vast array of temperatures we experience in Australia, having a functioning air conditioner is vital to your comfort on the road. As a licensed ARC (ARC Licence #AU33435) air conditioning service centre, Moving Motors can repair and replace AC units on all vehicles. In addition, we also specialize in cooling system repairs and get your vehicle running at the correct temperature. We can flush your cooling system to ensure coolant flows efficiently and cools your engine adequately.

Why Is Air Conditioning Service Essential?

Air conditioning systems wear out gradually with usage. If not serviced on a regular basis, hose pipes can obstruct and leak, leading to insufficient performance and cooling capabilities. The best ways to know if your AC system is having troubles or not is to look for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Your AC unit blows a little cooler than the air outside
  • Your cabin does not get cooler in summer.
  • Air blows in smells rotten, moist or like mildew.
  • Defroster blows in filthy air
  • Vents failing to push out much air
  • AC operates only when driving or stops blowing when the vehicle is idle.

Our Air Conditioning Service Includes:

When you bring in your vehicle for AC repair and service, we will perform a comprehensive assessment that includes

  • Checking the blower
  • Inspecting hose pipes, thermostat, pressure cap and radiator coolant level
  • Examining the compressor belt and cooling system pressure
  • Checking for damages and leaks
  • Testing for refrigerant holes
  • Checking interior vent air temperature
  • Performing car aircon regas
  • Much more

If you realize that your car is overheating, get it repaired promptly before any major damage occurs. To book in for a repair on your air conditioning system, you can give us a call at 03 9335 3607.