Car Air Conditioning Repair & Service in Tullamarine, Melbourne

Car air con is not just a luxury but a necessity in the summertime. A damaged air con unit can make any ride very uncomfortable. It is for this very reason that automotive air con repairs should be performed immediately to avoid unpleasant experiences.

If you are looking for expert auto aircon services in Tullamarine, Melbourne, Moving Motors is a great choice. We are a professional auto workshop that also specialises in car air con repairs and maintenance. Our technicians are trained to recognise any issue and have them fixed properly the very first time. As a licensed car air con servicing centre, we provide quality results that will last a very long time.

How Do You Know if Your Car’s air con is Not Working?

The car’s air con unit refusing to start is one of the easiest giveaways. Here are a few more signs to tell if it is in a bad condition:

  • Longer Cooling Times – If it is taking longer than usual to cool the interior of your car, there may be issues with your air con.
  • Weak Air Flow – Weak airflow can occur due to a clogged air filter or a faulty compressor and is a clear sign to look out for.
Car Air Conditioning Service
  • Water Leaks – A common issue is water leaks which are caused due to the overflowing of the drip pan or due to any kind of internal wear and tear of the drain lines. Check for leaks if you suddenly find your car aircon acting up.
  • Sudden Malfunctions – If it suddenly stops functioning or blows warm air, it is because of faulty internal electronics or issues with the control module. To resolve the issues, a detailed check of the wiring connection is required which can be covered under our car aircon services.
  • Noises and Rattling – Any noises and rattling in the air con are caused due to a faulty fan belt or a damaged compressor and needs an immediate replacement. Otherwise, it can damage other internal parts.
  • Odour – Odour when the air con is switched on is caused mainly because of clogged up drain lines or vents that trap water and blow stale air. In case there is a burning smell, you should immediately take your car to a registered mechanic.

Our Car Air Con Services: What Do We Provide

Moving Motors has skilled mechanics who work on your car’s air con. Our car air con services include:

  • Checking the Compressor – The compressor is the key part of the car air con that is responsible for airflow. We check for possible faults in them and make sure they are functioning properly. If the compressor of your car air con is broken, our mechanics replace it with a genuine spare from a trusted brand.
  • Inspection of Condenser – Another important part of the air con unit is the condenser as it is responsible for cooling the air. Electrical issues can cause complete breakdown so we check for any possible issues and resolve them before they can cause any further trouble.
  • Regas the Coolant – Coolants are a major component of the entire air con system. We provide quality coolant replacement services and check for any possible leaks.
  • Cleaning – We also offer deep cleaning of the air vents, hose pipes and air filters for an efficient car air con. Our technicians will also check for possible faults and repair them.
  • Electronic Connections – The internal electronic connection of the control module is also very crucial for the performance of your car’s air con unit. If there is a worn-out wire or a faulty switch, it can cause major malfunctions and inconvenience the occupants. We diagnose such internal issues and resolve them.

Car Aircon Service Experts in Tullamarine, Melbourne

Moving Motors offers one of the best quality car air con services in Tullamarine, Melbourne. Feel free to call us on 03 9335 3607 or email us at to know more about our services.


The car air con repair cost depends on the issue that the system is facing. Reach out to our team for more information.

It may take more than a year or two before you need to replace your car’s aircon. However, it’s best to have it checked when you take your car to our automotive centre.

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