Moving Motors are a licensed ARC (ARC Licence #AU33435) air conditioning service centre in the Airport West suburb of Melbourne.

We are fully equipped with the latest equipment that ensures the guaranteed performance of your car’s air conditioner. Our expert technicians who have undergone specialized training contribute to delivering consistent car air conditioning services.

Types of Car Air Conditioning Services:

We provide a wide range of car air conditioning services to the clients of Airport West. Some of these services include:

• Diagnosing and repairing all air conditioning issues
• Refilling the gas of car’s air conditioner
• Repairing climate control systems
• Eliminating bad odour and bacteria from inside cabin
• Repairing and modifying all hoses and pipes including aluminium, copper, and steel
• Inspecting condenser thermos fans
• Verifying cabin blower motor and fan speed resistor
• Replacing cabin filters

There are many benefits attached to the regular maintenance of your car’s air conditioner. The major ones include:
Reduced repair costs – Replacing faulty parts is less expensive than replacing the whole unit. Our team addresses the issues before they become irrepairable.

System longevity – Opting for a regular maintenance of car’s air conditioner can improve the performance as well as its lifespan.
Treating a problem with your car’s air conditioning system early can help to prevent major repairs like most aspects of car maintenance.
Ask for a free quote or book an appointment by contacting us at 03 9335 3607.

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