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Do your car brakes and clutch need urgent attention? Looking for an efficient team of automotive experts in Keilor Park? Your search ends here! Our team of experienced technicians at Moving Motors conducts a complete inspection of your car’s braking system. This ensures the best possible car performance and safety.

Benefits of Brake and Clutch Repairs

• Regular brake and clutch repairs ensure safety of passengers
• Your budget won’t suffer from good brake and clutch repair service
• Regular maintenance of brakes and clutch increases the lifespan of both
• The problem of the poor braking system due to air in the system will be solved
• Reliable clutch repairs offer motive force for the car

Hence, whether you are observing symptoms like squealing brakes or reduction in braking power, we have solutions for all.

We utilize top quality components from the most trusted brands, such as Bendix and Brembo. These are the brands well-known for producing the finest products, providing great value for money. Having 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, our highly-trained mechanics ensure the long life of your car for years to come.

Brakes and clutch are crucial for safe driving! Hence, have your vehicle inspected regularly in a reliable brake and clutch repair centre. Contact us at 03 9335 3607 and ensure your safety on the road!


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