Quality Car Service & Repairs in Tullamarine, Melbourne

Your car requires proper care and maintenance to keep it running smoothly and safely. From routine oil changes to complex repairs, there are a variety of steps involved in getting your car in top condition. To keep your vehicle in peak performance, you need a reliable car mechanic to take care of any repairs or upgrades.

Moving Motors is one of the leading auto repair shops in Tullamarine, Melbourne, providing quality services to all car owners. Our team of skilled car mechanics can handle all car makes and models in Australia. Moreover, we perform roadworthiness checks on your car as well as logbook servicing according to the manufacturer’s standards.

What’s included under Our Car Service?

A full car servicing involves a thorough inspection of all its parts and fluid levels after which our team makes the necessary repairs. Some of our services include:

  • Mechanical repairsThis involves the careful inspection of all the working parts of your machine, such as the engine, brakes and clutch. Our technicians will diagnose any faults and fix them to ensure that your vehicle performs better. 
  • Wheel alignmentAfter driving on all kinds of surfaces, the car wheels may become misaligned. Our mechanics will have them realigned in no time. 
  • Tyre ServicesLow tyre pressure or worn-out treads can impact your safety when driving. We will check that the tyre pressure is apt and the treads have sufficient depth to provide a safe ride. 
  • Car AirconMoving Motors also provides car aircon services at our auto repair centre. We can regas the aircon unit, check the blowers, and inspect the pipes for leaks and more. 
  • Diesel Particulate FilterThis particular service is meant for diesel vehicles and is a must while performing any maintenance checks. Our mechanics will remove the particulate matter from the filters and have them working efficiently.  

How to Choose a Trustworthy Car Mechanic?

Finding a trustworthy car mechanic is a critical step in maintaining your vehicle’s performance and safety. However, it can be difficult to choose one among the many auto repair shops and mechanics in Melbourne. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right mechanic for your vehicle: 

  • Expert mechanic- Our car mechanics offer basic services as well as advanced automotive services such as: 
  • Diagnosing automotive issues  
  • Maintaining the functions of crucial parts like the battery, engine and brakes 
  • Performing all basic repair and replacement like oil change and tyre replacement  
  • Legal Regulations – Our team understands the legal regulations about vehicle roadworthiness. Here are some of the aspects our mechanics look at: 
  • Conduct roadworthy checks 
  • Find subtle differences by comparing automobile parts with the approved standards 
  • Make any repairs and replacements according to the set standards 
  • Log Book Servicing – Logbook servicing is done by our skilled car mechanics because it depends on: 
  • In-depth knowledge of a particular car brand 
  • Awareness about treatment and repair work for specific parts 
  • Proficiency in carrying out the required servicing in accordance to manufacturer’s warranty 

Why Choose Moving Motors for Car Repair Services?

Moving Motors is one of the few auto repair shops in Tullamarine, Melbourne that provides a wide range of services. Here are some reasons to choose us: 

  • 30 Years+ Experience – With over 30 years of experience, we can service any vehicle model running on Australian roads according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 
  • Trustworthy Car Mechanics – We have a team of car mechanics you can rely on. They will take time to assess your vehicle before proceeding with any repair. 
  • Recognised Service Center – Moving Motors is recognised by VicRoads as well as other accredited organisations to perform roadworthy inspections and log book servicing for almost every major automobile brand. 
  • Reasonable price range – Our technicians resolve automotive issues at  reasonable rates. 
Professional Car Mechanics in Tullamarine, Melbourne

Get quality car services in Tullamarine, Melbourne, at Moving Motors. Our experienced car mechanics provide a wide range of auto repair and maintenance services. You can call us on 03 9335 3607 or email us at service@movingmotors.com.au for more details. 











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    Based on 80 reviews
    Beth crazy crazy Subscribe
    Beth crazy crazy Subscribe
    Moving Motors completed a Road Worthy Certificate on our small truck. Booked in, dropped off, completed and picked up with ease. Tidy workshop and equipment. Friendly & helpful staff.
    Leon Offset Campervans
    Leon Offset Campervans
    Really lovely to deal with top quality people, thanks for your help Ninos, our business appreciates you keeping our vans on the road. Leon Offset Campervans, Tullamarine
    Owen Glassenbury
    Owen Glassenbury
    Very thankful to Ninos and the team. My car is not the easiest vehicle to service to say the least, but they still managed to get done exactly what was needed. Really appreciated how professional and transparent Ninos was with me throughout the repair process. He made himself available, kept me up to date, and clearly explained my options when we hit the inevitable snags. Will definitely be using Moving Motors again the next time something gets a little funky under the hood. No nasty surprises, just quality service from quality people.
    Timothy Cole
    Timothy Cole
    This buissness went above and beyond to help me out. Im super appreciate of these guys. Great group of people!!!
    Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson
    Great service, advice and friendly prices
    Jack McKenna
    Jack McKenna
    Absolutely amazing service, will be taking future cars here.
    Neisha Smith
    Neisha Smith
    Really happy with the service provided by Ninos and team getting my car a RW and helping me out when my car broke down. They were super communicative and kept me well informed of work needed and costs. In the end my bill was cheaper as they found cheaper parts for me and added some extras in for free... topping my petrol up, re setting my radio issues and storing my car for 2 weeks while I was on holiday! As a Woman who doesn't know much about cars conversations with Ninos left me feeling super empowered to learn more and fix things myself where possible which is quite different to other mechanics who have suggested I get a mechanic to change my oil! My experience was so good I'll be driving 15km to have my car serviced at Moving Motors next time! Thanks team!
    Michael Marshall
    Michael Marshall
    These guys go above and beyond and always best customer services provide price are always great too
    Jonathan Covich
    Jonathan Covich
    Great professional service and friendly team